Some remains between here and then

At first, this body of work had no formal intention; they are intuitive responses to unexpected moments. If I were to describe them, I'd do it from an impressionistic perspective: they resemble a rhyme of mysterious riddles that, when put next to each other, make sense like an incomplete movie.

They are not about a specific place or time; they are ambiguous traces that highlight my intimate connection with the present moment. Who is there? Who was there? Who is making these images? Is it me? What part of me is attracted to them?

There’s a specific light that seduces me and it has a color palette that resembles what I witness towards the end of the day. The smooth fade from orange to blue hypnotizes me, leaving me in a contemplative, meditative state of mind. Sometimes, it is playful; at other times, nostalgic.

Fascinated by the changes of my immediate surroundings, transitioning from mundanely real to intriguingly ambiguous, I'm enable to experience the world photographically as if I could touch light. Of course I’m aware it’s just an illusion, but I’m addicted to get lost in that illusion.

Sometimes I feel, I’m projecting the songs, books, movies, poems, travels, friends and estrangers; sunsets, breezes, smiles and tears that I’ve seen all around. All what makes me, me. I don’t know if I’m thinking or remembering anything because these just come from a completely non-verbal world.

Are these memories that endure across time? Who is the faceless presence that I almost find but can’t never unveil? Could I begin the journey of this absence? 

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