Manuel Elías’ photography is an invitation to explore the unseen mystery within the familiar, using a moody atmosphere while dancing with details, colors, and textures. His images create an atmosphere that is in some ways haunting while also igniting small moments of delight and wonder.

He uses light and color as the protagonists; perhaps as much or more so than people themselves, to seduce to dig deeper into its metaphorical character. The photographs are projections of how he experiences the world through a meditative sight - apparently quiet on its surface, but intriguing, confusing and ethereal on its core.

He frees his sensibility as a child thirsty for explanations, wandering and letting the moment take over. Meanwhile, staring at light, sensing its slight changes, absorbed by the moment, he uses photography to understand the outside world by recreating it as images with his poetic aesthetic.  His practice translates his emotional responses and sensorial explanations that allows him to peel multiple layers that overlap among themselves, such as  memory, oblivion, family, childhood, loss and grief.

He was born in Lima, Peru (1976) and his background in Communication Sciences, filmmaking and advertising enables him to use his devotion for storytelling with still images. He lives and works in New York City.

Email: info [at] meliasphoto [dot] com.

Group exhibitions & Publications.

Bruxelles Art Vue. Street Life 2022 (p54-55),  Brussels - Belgium. April 2022.

Photo Place Gallery. Traces, Vermont - US. February 2022.

The Curated Fridge Project. Autumn 2021, Boston - US. November 2021.

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