I practice photography because it compels me to get out physically and mentally. My work doesn't revolve around a specific story; rather, it has a first person perspective. It’s a respond to a constant sensorial stimulus overflow.

I find myself mostly gravitating towards an impressionistic approach to capture transient moments to evoke primal sensations, conveying the essence of a scene. It's about how spontaneous moments –with their colors, smells, noises, textures and, even temperatures, inspire me to navigate the emotional dualities. One of them could be being physically here but emotionally there, belonging to two spaces yet none at the same time. 

This ongoing inner dialogue threads through every step of my photographic practice, maintaining a consistency from beginning to end.

Email: info [at] meliasphoto [dot] com.


Manuel Elías was born in Lima, Peru. His practice is driven by an eagerness to explore and capture the unique emotions of each moment. Through his meditative gaze, he navigates beyond the surface; revealing the intrigue and hidden ambiguity of poetic depictions in ordinary life. 

After graduating from the University of Lima, where he majored in film-making, cinematography, and advertising; he relocated to New York City to pursue his passion for photography. Currently, he works as a photographer at the United Nations Headquarters, capturing compelling moments and conveying powerful narratives through his images.


The Curated Fridge ProjectSummer 2023, Culture Lab LIC.  Indoor Photography Exhibition.
August 2023.

The Curated Fridge ProjectSummer 2023,
Collective Installation.
Somerville, MA - US.
July 2023.

MAAC - Museo Archeologico e di Arte Contemporanea, Collective exhibition.
Brindisi - Italy.
June 2023. 

Associazione Aeneis 200024 Scatti bike,
Collective exhibition.
Bari - Italy.
June 2023.

DocuLabsDocu book #17 (p. 287-290)
Espoo - Finland.
March 2023.

Divide Magazine. Issue 5, 
London - England.
February 2023.

Bruxelles Art VueStreet Life 2022 (p54-55),
Brussels - Belgium.
April 2022.

Photo Place GalleryTraces,
Collective exhibition. Middlebury, VT - US.
February 2022.

The Curated Fridge ProjectAutumn 2021,
Collective Installation. 
Somerville, MA - US.
November 2021.

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