Manuel Elías’ photography rescues the unseen beauty in the overview ordinary, meanwhile dancing with images rich with mood and atmosphere. He photographs to connect his emotional responses with how he feels presences around his daily world. His images are projections of how he observes, explores, and connects himself with the outside world through a contemplative sight. These factors confluence to open sincere connections with an inner world to explore intimate themes such as his memory, childhood, family, aging; the unescapable cycle of life and death.

He sublimates all sensorial information with a poetic aesthetic which dives into an enigmatic atmosphere. The balance between light and darkness, motion and stillness, are elements resembling with a cinema narrative that triggers melancholic moods to evoke raw solitude emotions. His sight questions what is being seen as if a meditating conscious decomposes the elements in front.

Elias’ use of color is very striking, moving and recreates what intrigues him to reflect about himself. Together with light, shapes and textures, become the protagonists even more than the actual scene or subject. Each image becomes a piece of an incomplete impressionistic puzzle that connects his visual elements to expand traces of presences (or absences.) 

He was born in Lima, Peru (1976) and has a background in Communication Sciences, film making and advertising, that enables him to explore his eagerness for storytelling with still images. He draws inspiration from everyday life in New York City, where he works and lives with his family.

Email: info [at] meliasphoto [dot] com.

Group exhibitions

Photo Place Gallery. Traces, Vermont. February 2022.

The Curated Fridge Project. Autumn 2021, Boston. November 2021.

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