I practice photography because it allows me to keep understanding myself, exploring the emotions that belong to me, and holding playful dialogues with the impressions I get from candid moments in my immediate environment. My work doesn't revolve around specific stories; rather, it embodies a poetic meditation on the textures of my daily life.

Intuitively, everything unfolds as spontaneous first-person responses to moments that hypnotize me with their color, light, texture, smell, and noise – leaving me with abundant leitmotifs that gain meaning when they engage in dialogue, as if they were notes from a musical staff, eagerly awaiting to be played.

I immerse myself in evocative symbols, crafting a silent sanctuary with simplicity and tranquility. This allows me to explore that inclination of mine, yearning for quiet physical and mental spaces.


Manuel Elías was born in Lima, Peru. His practice is driven by an eagerness to explore and capture the unique emotions of each moment. Through his meditative gaze, he navigates beyond the surface; revealing the intrigue and hidden ambiguity of poetic depictions in ordinary life. 

After graduating from the University of Lima, where he majored in film-making, cinematography, and advertising; he relocated to New York City to pursue his passion for photography. Currently, he works as a photographer at the United Nations Headquarters, capturing compelling moments and conveying powerful narratives through his images.

email: info [at] meliasphoto [dot] com.

Recent group exhibitions


The Curated Fridge Project .
Spring 2024.
Somerville, MA - US.


PhotoNOLA Festival - Ogden Museum of Southern Art.
New Orleans, LA - US.

The Curated Fridge Project .
Summer 2023.
Culture Lab LIC.

The Curated Fridge Project .
Summer 2023.
Somerville, MA - US.

24 Scatti bike
Museo Archeologico e di Arte Contemporanea.
Brindisi - Italy. 

24 Scatti bike
Associazione Aeneis 2000.
Bari - Italy. 


Photo Place Gallery. 
Middlebury, VT - US.


The Curated Fridge Project . 
Autumn 2021.
Somerville, MA - US. 

Selected Publications

L.A. Photo Curator’s
Los Angeles, US - December 2023

Docu book #17 
Espoo, Finland -March 2023.

Divide Magazine
Issue 5.
London - England -February 2023.

Street Life 2022
Bruxelles Art Vue. 
Brussels - Belgium - April 2022.

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