Manuel Elías is a photographer who invites viewers into a world of mystery lurking within the familiar. His images transport viewers to a dreamlike world, where moody atmospheres blend seamlessly with vibrant, textured hues. Born in Lima, Peru in 1976, Elías began his interest in photography at a young age, as his mother encouraged him to photograph family events to overcome his introversion. 

During college, he began to focus more on photography, and his curiosity and eagerness to become better, naturally embarked on a self-learning photographic practice. In 2000, he visited New York City and was exposed to the vibrant photography scene, which prompted him to move there to expand his practice.

Elías's meditative approach to photography allows him to see beyond the surface, revealing the hidden complexity and intrigue that lie at the core of his subjects. He uses light and color as protagonists, sometimes more than the people themselves, to convey metaphorical meaning.

After working and exploring different forms, techniques, and narratives, Elías joined the Photo Unit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, which gave his work a significant boost in terms of style and energy.

Today, Elías lives and works in New York City, creating evocative photographs that offers us a glimpse into the ineffable beauty of the world around us.

Email: info [at] meliasphoto [dot] com.

Publications & Exhibitions

Divide Magazine #5. London - England. February 2023.

Bruxelles Art Vue. Street Life 2022 (p54-55) Brussels - Belgium. April 2022.

Photo Place Gallery. Traces, Vermont - US. February 2022.

The Curated Fridge Project. Autumn 2021, Boston - US. November 2021.

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