Manuel Elías is a contemporary photographer who is driven to explore moment's unique raw energy and emotion. His images capture the fleeting and intangible essence experiences, transforming them into a visual medium that reveals the enigmatic presence within our world.

With a meditative gaze, he penetrates beyond surfaces, unraveling the hidden intrigue that resides at the core of his subjects. Mindfully channelling light and color as protagonist, sometimes more prominently than people themselves, he conveys an enigmatic sensory impulse that transcends preconceived understandings of the world before us.

Elías' practice is a medium for expressing his curiosity and visually exploring the way the world looks and feels, rather than simply documenting it. His imagery aligns with a intricate dreamlike impressionistic visual logbook.

In addition to working and exploring different forms, techniques, and storytelling narratives, he joined the Photo Unit at the United Nations Headquarters, which gave his practice a significant boost in terms of style and vitality.

Today, Elías lives and works in New York City.

Email: info [at] meliasphoto [dot] com.


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