Visual meditations on panopticism

Even the most traversed sidewalks hold endless enigmatic charm. At first, I easily get seduced by the mystery engraved in reflexions and silhouettes, the footsteps of anonymous walkers, the texture of a red, flowing dress around a corner. My eye abstracts those elements and, although I shy away from direct interaction with people, there is an unavoidable slight trace of humanity permeates the images in this series.

In my personal experience, the photography I like happens while I am sequencing my images. Placing them side by side allows me to notice how they talk to each other.

What began as a mere kinetic photographic exercise to find inspiration ends up revealing to me presences that are there, and even here. Yet, where do these subtle presences gracefully surface from?

The hunger for answering this question keeps me walking and photographing. Again, after putting the images together, I’ve realized the natural distance I keep from others leads me to a sort of feeling of watching and, at the same time, being constantly watched by a vigilant gaze.

Despite there was nobody around, nor nobody is here while I write this. Still, I have the vague impression that someone is watching. There’s no way to know for certain. At this point, I am part of a story that embraces one of the most intriguing components of the modern urban landscapes, panopticism.

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