Light travels in a straight line

My innate neurosis makes me hyper-aware of subtle details and unseen changes around me. It's as if all my senses are always tuned in, capturing and processing all the information in my surroundings. This sensitivity can be advantageous, as it allows me to recognize patterns and predict events to some extent, even before they happen.

However, it can also be exhausting. Everything becomes too loud, too smelly, or too overwhelming, making it harder to stay present. Fortunately, my introversion enables me to retreat inward and enter a meditative mind state to mute all that noise.

Ultimately, this mindfulness grants me the ability to create my own mental space and see the world photographically by steering at light. Through this meditative gaze, I can observe how light travels in straight lines, highlighting the simplest things in harmonious moments, and revealing beauty as it touches surfaces. I listen to an enigmatic whisper that hypnotizes me, as if I'm uncovering clues to the mysteries of everyday life.

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